"For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed." Romans 8:19 (NIV)


About Our School...

The Miracle Arena Bible Institute is committed to training and equipping Christian men and women to be fully adept and knowledgeable in the Word of God, in order to demonstrate God’s power in words and action.

All students will participate in the Bible foundation courses and work through to the School of the Supernatural Signs and Wonders, where they will be taught practically how to move in the supernatural power of God.

Interactive Course Study Option (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)


New sessions begin approximately every 18-20 weeks. Only one course will be offered per session. Enrolment is open for the first 4 weeks from the date classes begin and it is the student's responsibility to complete all missed up to the date of enrolment.


Once the term term has begun, students are assigned one lesson per week and are free to complete anytime before the next weeks assignment is assigned. Completion of assignments is progressive, meaning you cannot move forward with assignments until the previous one has been submitted. Although, we allow the convenience of enrolment and study at your pace, we find some students benefit from limited structure to assist them in setting a progressive pace to their learning.


Each class session is facilitated by Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso or an assigned instructor. There are two interactive options available; for those within the Greater Toronto Area in-class sessions are held every Thursday at 7pmEST at MAFAN Headquarters. For those outside the GTA and/or international students, classes are streamed live through a private link whereby students can also participate and ask questions.


Self-Paced Study Option (OPEN)


Enrolment is open for any of the courses listed.


If flexibility and time are a factor for you, then this mode of classes is just right for you! Not only are you able to enroll any time but you can also progress through the course at your own pace. With this format, you will not be able to interact with the instructor in real-time however, he or she will still be available to answer your questions and grade your assignments as you work through your assignments.

Course 1: The Act of Revival 101
Start Date - Enrol anytime!
Duration - Go at your own pace.

Course 2: The Act of Revival 102
Start Date - Enrol anytime!
Duration - Go at your own pace.

Per Course Fee -- $399.00 CDN
Registration Fee (one time fee) -- $35.00 CDN

Frequently Asked Questions...

1) What date will classes be taught? Classes will be held every Thursday at 7pm (EST).

2) Can the classes be accessed online? Yes! All classes will be privately streamed, live. Each session will be archived for students to view at a later time if they are unable to view live and also to accommodate time zone discrepancies.

3) How will assignments and tests be submitted?
All assignments, practicals and exams must be submitted online.

4) How long is each course, and can I get an extension if I do not complete it in time? Each course will be 16 weeks, there will be a brief two-week period between the ending and start of each course which can be used to make up any lost time. Outside of that, students are required to complete all assignments by the completion deadline.

5) Will there be a practical component to each course? Yes, for the Interactive Course Study students ONLY!There will be a 5-day practical component which will be held at the Miracle Arena, Toronto location. This part of the course is mandatory and will consist of intense prayers, impartation and demonstration with Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso and his team of instructors. All course must be successfully completed in order to participate in the practical component of the program.

6) If I decide to drop-out, will I receive a refund of my course fees? Interactive Course Option: Full refunds will only be given up to 30 days after the commencement of class. Any refund given after the 30-day period will be less $100 course fee as well as the $35 non-refundable registration fee. Self-paced Study Option: Refunds will be honoured up to 14-days after enrolment; less $100 course fee as well as the $35 non-refundable registration fee.

Please e-mail bibleinstitute@miraclearena.ca for more information or click the link below to register today!

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